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You wanted the best. You got the best. - Some men are searching for the holy grail...
Well thee aint nothin' sweeter than riding the rail.
You wanted the best. You got the best.
It has been far too long since I posted here last.  No, really.  In the time since my last post a relationship started and ended.  That's that.

More importantly, tonight was sweet!  I just went to my first Kiss show.  It's my new favorite concert I went to. It was awesome.  I bought cheap seat tickets for twenty dollars and thanks to a friend who worked there was alerted to empty seats to the side of the stage about twenty rows back.  The actual ticket holders eventually showed up, but for that first 30 minutes or so, I could feel the pyrotechnics and see Gene Simmons's tongue without the aid of video technology.  Besides, I made sure to get my tickets in the section that's dead center, so even being sent back there was alright.

Seriously though, tonight was awesome.  Kiss really puts on a good show.
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