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Some men are searching for the holy grail...

Well thee aint nothin' sweeter than riding the rail.

28 April 1987
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Ok, so I refuse to write my own Bio, so I'm having others do it for me, feel free to leave a comment with your own addition.

According to daphne_tercius:
"Connor is a sushi-eating, bifocal-wearing, coffee-drinking, 1337-speaking, highly social pesco-vegetarian lover of teh meatzz with a decidedly introspective and slightly withdrawn side. He mixes his conflicting halves well, moving in large circles of friends who have a lot of respect for his progressive and dynamic personality. Because of the size and variety of these circles of friends, he often finds himself amidst drama caused by tensions between them, but remains ever neutral and calm, remaining good friends with both parties. He is sort of like Switzerland, except without as much chocolate. Also you probably shouldn't bank with him.

Connor's interests are great in number and varied in type, ranging from Star Wars to spirituality, theater to Starcraft. He'll ally you and cancel your buildings, so be careful on that count. He likes Shock Treatment for reasons which escape most everyone else, but it's mildly appropriate; his tastes are eclectic, and being his friend is a little like a shock treatment. You know him four years and think you have a pretty solid idea of who he is, and yet he can still surprise you with every third statement he makes.

But really, there's no good way to describe him in a few paragraphs. It's a better idea to just read the fucking journal than sit here reading his friend's slightly obtuse metaphors. Jesus goddamn Christ, get to it already."

psilogen says:
"Bekilten and possessing of Beard [note from topic: once again true, circa July, 2007], Connor wanders the earth in search of Truth, or something indistinguishably close to it. His journey is perhaps not so far removed from our own, but, of course, it is his alone to take. Stand by the side of the path. Cheer him on if you must. Watch the sun set behind the silken clouds, marvel at the cascade of rich pastels, and realize that the most beautiful thing on earth, yet unfound, is probably just as out-of-reach and distantly enticing as those colours."

lizzeryme hastily adds:
"WARNING: connor is prone to do whatever pops into his head. only abuse this when absolutely necessary... or when really really bored."

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