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Some men are searching for the holy grail...
Well thee aint nothin' sweeter than riding the rail.
so today i stepped off the Hovver tam at my job and there was a gift for me. I though, "FOR ME? Woah! Thats some crazy ass shit." It turns out that my good freind Joe decided that i needed a new robot to do all of my automechanics, so i now no longer have to pay someone to fix my car. Oh and speaking of that, does anyone wnat to go drag racing at ozone level? it's quite the thrill.

Current Music: The Skatronauts, I went to high school with them

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Every so often, about once or twice a year I get into a weird nostalgic depression (for want of a better word).  Usually this happens around mid March or early April (for whatever reason the start of spring seems to mess with me); I appear to be getting a late summer/early fall version of it. This time its hitting really weird.  I find myself missing outdated communication platforms (theres an app for that now, I guess), and old shitty games I once played (though I suspect I really just miss the communities these fostered).

As usual, its lead me here late at night, to ge reaquainted with High School me, I guess.  High School me feels more and more foreign everytime I come back here, which I'm sure is for the best.  I've been told high school me was a good guy, but to me he comes off as a whiny jerk.  Would it have hurt that guy to post anything of substance?  Honestly, he's kind of a tool. I poke through these posts and I see a refusal to be open and the smatterings of started self discovery projects.

Anyways I digress and am no longer really sure what the point I was trying to make with this was.

I think I come back here because my weird Sprng time down swings (and this early fall one, I refuse to conform to your calendar damnit!) are sparked by rembering what I thought my adulthood would be (maybe? It might be that the downswing brings some of that to fore. Oh well, chicken, egg.).  I'm pretty sure many of those notions were pie in the sky, but that's unimportant.  I'm also really happy with how my life actually turned out, so these swings always feel really self indulgent and kind of stupid really.

Anyway, I know there was more I wanted to say, but I can't remember where this thought train was going and I should really get to bed, its my third night like this in a row and I'm already sleep deprived.  I'm not even sure anyone will read this.  Well, I know future me will read this.  Hopefully it will help him reframe the posts that follow.

I guess I'll sign off with this.  Anyone want to open a tourist trap roadside attraction with me?  I was thinking along the lines of the worlds largest pipe oragan.  We can put an artictic hedge mze behind it.  Maybe make some armor for dinosaurs.
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Note: I came here to write a far more meaningful post, but this was autosaved by LJ months ago, so I'll post it instead. Substance to follow.  Myabe tonight, maybe tomorrow, maybe when I randomly come back here in a funk and find the draft.

So I can probably write whatever's on my mind with out the self-imposed need to censor myself.

But I probably won't.

On a side note, if any of you are still using this, let me know. Maybe I'll start posting again. I miss this place.

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It has been far too long since I posted here last.  No, really.  In the time since my last post a relationship started and ended.  That's that.

More importantly, tonight was sweet!  I just went to my first Kiss show.  It's my new favorite concert I went to. It was awesome.  I bought cheap seat tickets for twenty dollars and thanks to a friend who worked there was alerted to empty seats to the side of the stage about twenty rows back.  The actual ticket holders eventually showed up, but for that first 30 minutes or so, I could feel the pyrotechnics and see Gene Simmons's tongue without the aid of video technology.  Besides, I made sure to get my tickets in the section that's dead center, so even being sent back there was alright.

Seriously though, tonight was awesome.  Kiss really puts on a good show.
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Just re-read my bio again.  I forgot how wild the submissions for it were.  Brought one hell of a smile to my face.  Thanks guys, I know it was all written some time ago, but it still makes me happy.

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So, as many of you know, I've been in a seeking stage of spiritual development for a while now. I've come to understand a lot of things about where i want to go faith wise on this journey. However, I realized this morning that I've never put them all down in one place. That's what this is. This is an attempt to list the things that are important to me as I start to hone my religious taste.

I am somewhat of a pantheist. I consider all things to have a touch of the divine. More importantly I consider life and the divine to be tightly woven fibers in the same tapestry. Without one, the other could never flourish.

I want something that is more than a 1 hour a week deal. I recognize that all religion is what you make it, but an emphasis in actions outside of worship, would be nice.

Music is a MUST. I love song and singing and I don't think I could enjoy my faith without it.

I want direction, but I can not thrive in a rigid mold. I would like my religion to have unifying ideals, but not so much dogma that there is no room for personal interpretation.

I don't mind the idea of having a specific deity or deities, but don't try to tell me they are the only correct option. That's a sure way to tell me I should stay the hell away from your faith.

I'm sure there are more, but that's really the big stuff. Anyways this is mostly to keep a public record of where I am and to have a place where the things I want out of religion are well organized. If you have anything to say about it, feel free. Comments from the peanut gallery are not only allowed, but encouraged.

Really what it comes down to now is research, research, research. With all the options out there I know I'll find a fit.
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I know! I'll steal a survey from Leah!Collapse )

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If you've never seen 30 people in Golddust attire singing this song, you've never had the dream I had last night.  Hell, even if you have had that experiance you probalby missed the wrestlingmatch and the ropes. But if you have had all those experiances, please, tell me how the weding ends and who was getting married.  Anyway, that's neither here nor there.  If inquiring minds wish to know more, I might actualy post the dream.

Life has ben good since my last entry.  I have multiple jobs now instead of having none.  I work 18nhours at two different filing stations as a gas jockey and lube tech.  and 10 to 15 hours at an office as the manager of client outreach, the director of consultant relations and vice president of titles.  Okay, so I made all those titles up,but I do use two of them inmy emails. anyways thats a good 46 to 51 hours a week.  If I didn't find the money necessary, I might quit one to spend more time at home.

abby is doing wonderful.  She is so damnedf advanced.  We love her bunches.

Life is good..

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So, here is the deal. Trish's computer won't boot up, because a few files are broken or missing. She doesn't really care about fixing the OS because she thinks she wants to change to Linux anyways. However she wants to save some files. So if anyone has an external Hard Drive enclosure, that we could use, we could really use your help.
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Ok,  so if you haven't gotten a look at Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, I highly suggest giving it a look.  It's directed by Joss Whedon and features such talent as Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. It's only going to exist in it's free form (or possibly any form) until Sunday, midnight.  Act I is now up, Act II goes up tomorrow and Act III is scheduled for Saturday.   It's pretty fun and definitely worth your time if you like any of the above mentioned people or have a fondness for the superhero genre.
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